Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Re-read O’Reilly’s “JavaScript”, google "javascript" and re-introduction to javascript

There are two things that are always in my mind:

(1) When I learnt Javascript many years ago, I read O’Reilly’s “Javascript” book (the “rhino” book), and I learnt that javascript is extremely powerful: totally dynamic and totally OO capable. The “everyday” use is only a small portion of its full power -- just like our brains ;-)

(2) Non-database related business logic (i.e. “business validation” logic) in Java/C#/VB should be constrained within a subset of Java/C#/VB that can be easily translated into JavaScript. Automatically converting validation logic into javascript is the ultimate leverage of good “custom class” design in Java/C#/VB.net.

I understand it will take a village/community to do something about the above. As an application developer, all I can do is to talk about them, hoping “framework developers” or "vendors" will eventually pick them up (and, continuously re-validate the vision from feedbacks) ; and make sure what I have been doing will not work against “the power of Javascript”; and wait and follow closely the development in this field.

Finally, the time has come, with Ajax.

Here is a list of references:
1. The rhino book (go to amazon, search for javascript, you cannot miss it).
---- if you have already known a few languages, especially if you know a variety of languages, for example, C-family, VB, perl, and lisp, then, to learn a new language, especially to re-learn a "new" language, believe it or not, the fastest way is to get an "academic" book, not a “for dummy” book.

2. http://www.javascriptsearch.com/guides/Beginner/articles/Re-IntroductiontoJavaScript.html
---- I really like this article, because it says all what I want to say.
3. Just google “javascript”, and follow your instinct.


Blogger Vikas said...

Love-Hate relationship with Javascipt
I loved JavaScript for what it does and how it does. It’s cross- browser support advantage was really its disadvantage also. I remember writing JavaScript for Netscape 4.0 , Netscape 6.0 and IE 4.0+. It was not a pleasant experience. Add the lack of IDE support (no intelli-sense and stepthroughh debugging capabilities ) and different syntax for VB6.0 programmer, it was a big pain.
Now there is good IDE support for JavaScript. And with C# becoming Mort’s choice of programming language, it is many times easier to write Javascript. Still I like the idea of abstracting JavaScript. I remember when I was modifying a menu routine for cross-browser; I could have used village/Community. Now I am glad that there is Menu Control, TreeView server side controls which emit JavaScript/Ajax code to browser.

One project I came with idea of emitting javascript for Field Level validation to Browser using AOP. Now I am reading a book on Team System. After that I plan to dive deeply into Atlas which I hope will abstract Ajax.

I am also planning to brush up my JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook (by O”REILLY) . I remember Rocky predicting the death of Web Browser since there has been no release of HTML specification after version 4.0. JavaScript and Ajax have given any life lease to web browsers and I don't see Web Browser dying for couple of next years.


7/05/2006 05:05:00 PM  
Blogger survic said...

it seems that until we have new type of "killer applications", web will keep eroding winform, even WPF won't stop it.

7/05/2006 07:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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