Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why data binding is important

Why data binding is important

Some OO purists believe domain model should not consider data binding, because data binding is an UI issue.

I do not agree. However, before I start my argument, I want to point out that I share the mentality to throw away VB6’s “click programming” – if you read my blog, you know I do not like VB6 and anything (and anybody!) related with it -- if you cannot reinvent yourself away from VB6, then, you deserve it for whatever -- I still use VB6 sometime when I do "maintenance development", so, I am not a snob.

First a few words about the big picture: I believe “anemic domain model” is a very good compromise for modern distributed computing. “Classic” OO must adapt to modern distributed computing, otherwise, it degrades into “antique” OO.

OK, now my argument for data binding: it helps us to follow strictly the number one rule in “distributed computing”: “entities” must have no dependency on services and Daos.

Of course, the help is not “automatic”. It is done by making the consequences worse: because databinding is mostly not controlled, as a result, if you put some service/dao in code that invoked by databinding, then, you will feel it immediately and will never do it again. As a result, very soon, the root of modern OO will establish in your brain!

I will post more blogs about it later.

You can also see it as to tear apart CSLA’s databinding/validation functionality, so that you can use it by your self, not as a “framework” – I have been very “nice” to this part of CSLA until now – I have been treat it as an integrated whole; however, it turns out that it can be tore apart into smaller pieces that are even easier, more common sense, and more flexible, so that we can use them ubiquitously.


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