Monday, August 27, 2007

OR mapping in Siebel

OR mapping in Siebel

OK, I lied, I am not sure whether Siebel really has OR mapping internally.

However, to understand it for configuring and customizing it, you should know OR mapping concept: in configuring it, you are effectively configuring the OR mapping; further, it is UI-O-R mapping -- i.e., Siebel makes the UI highly regular, as a result, the mapping is three way, and this three way mapping is actually the core for Siebel.

Once you make the UI highly regular, then, UI-O is really easy. So, the core of the core is back to OR mapping.

As a result, it has all those interesting stuff when you talk about OR mapping. For example, "party" is basically a parent class. It has 1-1 extensions. It also has 1-m relations.

It also has all those concepts such as lookup-table ("master data") and transaction-table ("customer data"). For security, you have user-position-organization-division. Also, those "user keys" concept for non-surrogate composite keys.

Note that the starting point of all those is that you do not think the so-called "behavior". Data, data, data, that is all it is about, just different layers.

There are behaviors, in entities and in facades; however, they are secondary -- SOA, REST, "configuration", OR mapping, all point to the same direction: pay attention to data, not behaviors -- antique OO is more and more irrelevant.


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