Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to apply LCLP on Siebel CRM development

How to apply LCLP on Siebel CRM development

It is logic centric; then, what is the logic?

It is the 8 core techniques, of course – as promised :-) it is all just about re-packaging.

A little further now though. Because of LCLP, we can justify that we jump on those 8 core techniques directly.

Because we do it directly, we can immediately split those into a few dozen items.

Also, “techniques” are too “doer-centric”, so, let’s change it into “special design areas”.

So, the result of applying LCLP on Siebel CIM development is that we directly jump to a few dozen “special design areas” – the groupings are still those 8 core techniques, of course.


---- LOV, constrained LOV, static and dynamic, how to make greatParent-parent-child LOV.

---- State model

---- ldap/asi adapter: because Siebel does not use a generic database account, so, even we use ldap/asi, we have database accounts. The adapters will help the sync.

---- …………


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