Saturday, May 06, 2006

Diagnostics.StackTrace and NoInlining attribute

This is copied from my post in CSLA forum

In addition to the issue itself, it also gives an example of the benefits of participating key open source projects.

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I did some research, and read the following from here: ( )

Generally speaking, a method will be a candidate for inlining when its code is 'small', just a few lines of code (less than 32 bytes of IL). For some interesting reading on this process read David Notario's blog entries (JIT Optimizations I and JIT Optimizations II ).

Additionally, when an assembly is compiled with a Release configuration the assembly metadata instructs the CLR to enable JIT optimizations. When compiled with a Debug configuration the CLR will disable (some?) these optimizations. Emperically, method inlining is turned off in a Debug configuration.

The way to ensure that your control flow pointcut will not be overlooked because of method inlining is to apply the System.Runtime.CompilerServices.MethodImplAttribute attribute with the value MethodImplOptions.NoInlining. In this (somewhat artifical) simple example, if the code is compiled in release mode it will not match a control flow pointcut for the method "GetAge".

public int GetAge(IPerson person)
return person.GetAge();

However, applying the attributes as shown below will prevent the method from being inlined even in a release build.

public int GetAge(IPerson person)
return person.GetAge();


Basically, this means all methods that use the following 3 methods’ overload that without property name must use the
[MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.NoInlining)] attribute.

CanReadProperty() or (boolean);
CanWriteProperty() or (boolean);

It seems those overloads do not buy too much. However, considering the attribute can be added mechanically, those overloads can still be useful.

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I agree. Because the nature of the unpredictability of inlining optimization, whenever we use the convenient overloads without “property name”, we need to use the NoInlining attribute.


(a) Comment for the convenient methods should indicate that;
(b) The example in PTracker should be changed to use the NoInlining attribute.

--------------------additional note:
Note that this also affect


It seems that other than hard coding/code generation, the only way is to use emit-aop. For now, virtual methods are not inlined. Even in the future, when virtual methods are inlined, the aop process will be done before inlining -- I will need more research on this though. I will report the result later.

Also note that the techique used for log4net seems still ok, because that is at class level.


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