Sunday, July 23, 2006

Reading materials in Ajax/ASP are different from winform world

Reading materials in Ajax/ASP are different from winform world.

In winform world, although .net, especially C#, is much similar to Java world, the whole thing is still a “closed” system – if you use Oracle database, then, you have another vendor; otherwise, it is all M$. One vendor for everything, nice.

The downside of it is that it tends to hide things irrationally, even for C# and C++. It is not technology, it is business/politics. As a result, developers begin to use clicking to replace thinking. Consequently, reading is very limited.

In ASP, even classic asp, it is different. HTML, XML, Javascript, and http, they are standard based. Even you only program to IE, there is still some openning for some fresh air.

However, classic ASP is so dumb, little can be said. has much more to say. 2.0 has even more, because it finally catches up with the Java world.

Ajax makes it even more interesting, because Ajax means the browser platform has more freedom.

As a result, for Ajax, we have more reading materials. In addition to Atlas and the background 2.0, we can read more general Ajax books.

I know I am making it sounds all wonderful. However, it can be a bad thing: I have a life, why I want have more technical reading?

The thing is that the fact that you can read more relevant materials means you are living in a larger world.


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