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How to introduce a good process and how to de-politicize process

How to introduce a good process and how to de-politicize process

I have not written any blog for a while, because I need a break after finishing ERAD (Enterprise Rapid Application Development, see my previous blogs), as a concrete example of “8 Core Programming Techniques”.

For a moment, it is almost perfect. However, it does not last long …

The setup of “8 Core Programming Techniques” is to ensure that it is not too high in the “architecture” and “process”, and it is not too low and buried in “coding” and “design pattern level designing”. The reason for that is that it then can “sense” all those things in a right amount of mix. In other words, it is set up in such a way so that it is sensitive to all levels and aspects of programming. As a result, I cannot stop blogging for too long, because here I can sense another interesting problem: how to introduce a good process.

Immediately – if you read my previous blogs – you may say, you are an anti-process guy, why in the world do you care introducing a good process …

So, I have to say that, I am a pro-“anti-process-process” guy, or, you can say, I am a pro-TDD-process guy. However, because there are so many interpretations of TDD, so, let’s put that aside for a while, and let’s just say, I am a pro-good-process guy.

OK, so much for the word game. Let’s take a look of the reality.

Introducing a good process is not easy. A lot of times -- too many times -- process is politics. Management almost always tries to use process as an organizational tool. As a result, it is always a long and most of time painful process.

Note that after going through many of them, I totally understand that process is indeed close to politics. It is only “natural” that management (and actually a lot of developers or other “doers”) uses it as a tool for politics. I am not naïve; on the opposite, if you read my blogs, you know that I am very cynical about processes, any process, including TDD ones.

However, if you are really pro-process, you have to agree that process is a serious engineering domain. I believe that to introduce a good process and to de-politicize process are the two sides of the same coin. Yes, in other words, the primary obstacle of introducing a good process is to politicize the process.

Let’s make it even more confusing: actually, good politics always give a common and relatively stable goal for everybody, so, it is not politics; it is about bad or good politics … -- OK, let’s do not make it so confusing, let’s assume “politics” is a bad word in engineering domain …

Again, note that there is a lot of human psychology in process. So, saying that process is in engineering domain does not mean it is all about machine. It is human-psychology engineering also. However, it is not politics … I know, it is confusing, and that is exactly the reason that we are so easily got confused about this.

Before I get confused myself, before it is too late, let me keep it simple: there are two approaches:

A. Introduce it by hiring a well-known consulting company to give a 2-week training courses for everybody, managers and developers and other “doers”, the same time, the same classroom;

B. Announce that we begin to use process, then, baby steps, try one thing, and if it seems good, then bless it as part of the process.

Based on my long time experiences, although approach B sounds benign and innocuously common sense, it is actually the source of all problems.

You may ask: what process you are talking about: TDD or RUP or others? To be frank, it does not matter, as long as it is “good” -- they are all similar: they are all about the art of the waterfall with iterations. The key is that “software development process” looks like common sense and is similar to management basics; however, without proper systematic training, it is almost inevitable to mess it up big time. Everybody can say he/she knows “process” until making a big mess. Software process is not just like other management basics; before you have real experiences, you got to get it via systematic training.

Let’s stop here, and think about it for a while ;-)


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Vacation "natural" by vacationing by workout rather than by aeroplane. Train rides not simply provide panoramic opinions, but you will have not very long stability facial lines or lost suitcases. For instance, when you are planing a trip to European countries or Parts of asia, they offer great rail travel that will help you to save money and discover several areas one particular vacation. By teaching yourself about the essentials of being pregnant and resolving the most typical inquiries, you are able to help relieve yourself of stress and anxiety and anxiety and merely concentrate on the joy of expecting a whole new little one. This will be far healthier for both you and your child. Remember what you've figured out using this report and before very long, you'll have a healthful, satisfied newborn baby inside your forearms.A Little Bit Guidance In no way Is painful So Consider These Out For Getting Suit Do not buy new video gaming at the time of their discharge. Video gaming are expensive nowadays and waiting around on a monthly basis or two through the launch time will help you to preserve a ton of money on new video games. New video games usually will cost more for the initial weeks following their launch. Many individuals do points to their locks to achieve the type they desire. Regrettably, the methods they often times use will not be best for the entire health with their locks. Anybody can hold the hair style they really want, whilst still maintaining appropriate good hair care, as you will see in this article. Commit some time looking at dishes before you in fact consider them. You will save time, as well as funds. Understanding all of the factors necessary for a recipe ahead of time will never only allow you to make certain that you might have them, but it can also keep you from producing faults that can spend your time and effort and ingredients. Make an attempt to do your very best to find an agent that focuses on working with the business real estate buying and selling approach. Someone that is commonly used to working together with non commercial real estate property is not going to know as significantly regarding the process and will only make your process more difficult.

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Stop smoking cigarettes. Not just is it a good idea to give up smoking for your health on the whole, but it will also help together with your apnea. Smoking cigarettes impacts your respiratory system and respiratory process, leading to your airways to swell and exacerbating your obstructive sleep apnea. By laying off, you enable your breathing passages to return to regular so when an extra, you'll also help save a lot of money! Well before shelling out thousands for veneers, consider your reason behind seeking to do so. Will be your only objective to possess brighter the teeth? Then, skip the veneers to opt for bleaching or other tooth whitening methods. When veneers will allow you to have whiter tooth, these are very best used on individuals who wish to make their teeth show up much longer. You ought to resume college to learn about seo if you wish to take control of your websites potential. There are several people that tend not to understand that neighborhood universities now provide search engine marketing classes. There are a few schools that will enable somebody sit down in on a class for free if they usually are not attempting to get credits. Request free samples on the internet. Rather than pay for small travel-size variations of all your toiletry goods, do an online hunt for free trial samples. Firms frequently offer you examples of new products which will be mailed proper to your house. Require everything from tooth paste to shampoo or conditioner to beauty products and maintain a little stash with your vacation handbag so you are prepared for your next trip. Don't concern yourself with seeking to establish every one of the flavors inside a wine that you are sampling. A lot of people have got a all-natural affinity just for this while some tend not to. Attempt to concentrate rather regarding how very much liquor is with the product or service, as well as which kind of fresh fruits may be provided. Over time, you will likely can get a great feel for these components. One of the things you will probably have in order to avoid is providing into attraction and buying things you do not have. As an alternative to buying that extravagant set of footwear, invest those funds within a higher deliver savings account. These judgements can greatly assist in developing your value.

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The iPhone will frequently suggest a phrase if you variety anything in with the key pad that this is convinced you may have misspelled. If you would like dismiss this word, just tap anyplace on screen. This helps to keep you the need to touch the "by" at the conclusion of the saying, also it can help with keeping you going with your coach of thought. Remember that fake begins are common when people attempt to stop smoking. Even when you've tried and did not stop before, it is best to always keep striving. Eventually, any decrease in your smoking habit is useful for you, so so long as you are attempting to quit you might be enhancing your lifestyle and well being. The use of acupuncture and massages can be found being fantastic in alleviating lower back pain. The two of these techniques will launch endorphins in your system which can make you sense a lot better, and enable your system to rest. When that takes place your own muscles could get the help which they need. It can be hard to mute the appears to be of a little steel fishing boat as you may attempt to seafood, try to eat, and chill out. A great technique to muffle a number of the noises is always to place a little, inexpensive area rug or rug on the floor of the motorboat. Doing this minimizes the appears to be you are making. A great suggestion for being affordable in working your own personal natural backyard garden is by using a plastic-type material mesh bag. This case can be utilized together with cleansing soap to scrub apart garden debris. You should use a rubberized music band across the travelling bag to really make it as limited as you can and then suspend it through the garden hose with cleaning soap. An incredible being a parent suggestion would be to consider your kids to do business with you one day. Through taking your youngster to do business with you, they'll receive an appreciation of the things you do every day, and they'll also familiarize yourself with a tiny much better. This is usually a fantastic way to link together with your youngster.

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