Monday, May 14, 2007

The concept of requirement synthesis

The concept of "requirement synthesis"

OK, it is the same thing as “requirement design”. However, a coworker of mine told me that even I point out that the “design” is “DDD” (domain driven design”, it still gives programmers excuses to jump to (mechanistic) design, which is just as bad as jumping on coding.

So, I have to avoid the word “design”.

Again, “modeling” is not a good word, because in addition to its visual implication, it also has “discovery” implication. I want strong implication of, well, design – both on the business process reengineering side, and on the product feature side.

“Synthesis” is a good word. It has strong implication of “design”, and it reminds people about “analysis” – so, it is still very close to “analysis”. As a result, it has the implication of “domain driven”.

I will begin to use this phrase, to confuse people or at least get their attention ;-)


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