Tuesday, June 19, 2007

returning to to my original blog castle, only now we have silverlight

OK, let’s step back a little. After sleeping on it for a few nights, I changed my mind! (a) I’ve just got into big trouble because of M$'s dataset; (b) the last version of EntLib, I got into trouble because of it -- it needs system admin power for everything that uses the EntLib. I will not use M$ application framework technologies without inspecting every line of code! So, I will NOT really use the EntLib 3.X -- I agree it has finally created a conceptual reference for everything; however, when you actually do it, go to Castle and/or Springframework!

Also, simplified CSLA as the command pattern one will also be used.

I still want to emphasize that I believe EntLib3.X marks a historical moment in .net history! Together with silverlight, on May 2007, .Net finally graduated from high school, which means we can finally do java development without using java!

You may say, Castle and Spring are there for so long, why May 2007? You need to know, .net is M$’s platform! Only EntLib 3.X can give you the political power to use Castle and springframework (and simplified CSLA as an elegant alternative) everywhere! EntLib 3.X brings people’s attention to Castle and Spring. For example, in the following link, I do not believe Sam’s interest in Castle has nothing to do with Entlib 3.X. If I should be stand corrected, then, it also means it is the time now -- still my point.


The major thing I need to test is: can castle or springframework be run within silverlight. The key thing is the reflection emit. And I did see that in silverlight. http://www.scottgu.com/blogposts/silverlighteurope/namespaces1.jpg , so, it should be fine.

Also, which one to use, springframework or castle? Spring’s AOP is not as mature as Castle; also, castle has non-asp Rails, and I like it (who need the leaking asp!). However, they are close. I really suggest we use both. Do not use EntLib. Use simplified CSLA (as I suggested in my previous blogs) only when you have to refactor old code piece by piece. Otherwise, always use Castle or Spring.

I feel I am returning to to my first blog, only now we have silverlight, and everything else is not “weird java thinking” anymore, they are now “pragmatic C# thinking” -- this history proved that to be “pragmatic” in C#, you got to learn java thinking.

I hope people will understand this soon. May 2007 will mark the end of that VB6 era. Yes, C# programmers, actually most C# programmers are from VB6. They just use C# as if they were VB6, even they say they are using OO. However, it is not about OO, it is about AO (apect oriented). Yes, silverlight means more market for browser based applications. However, the key is that we are not totally on the web (and still fast and “rich”)! Web is very different from window development: you always keep cutting edge (because there is not way to stop you from doing it other than yourself, or your tech lead – and if a tech lead cannot keep cutting edge, he/she will not be a tech lead soon!). The so-called difference between “morts” and “alpha” actually is the difference between “windows” and “web”. So, both PIAB and silverlight marks the end of an era. VB6 is totally over, finally.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CSLA Achilles’ heel is going to be its overt commercialization. Rocky is so much focused on supporting newer M$ technologies that he is missing the current architectural trends like Castle and Spring.Net. Transition of CSLA from educational to commercial form is going to lead to its downfall. It has to accommodate everything so anybody can use it and hence becoming so huge and complex. I am sensing a big backlash against CSLA in blogsphere.


6/20/2007 03:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is basically the heritage of vb6 and java. Now, Java heritage is finally winning.
Rocky has attitude problem. I really hope he can have another jump. His first jump is heroic for a VB6-er, but not enough. C# is not just syntax, it is culture – and just to be blunt, it is Java culture. C# has two ways, either VB6 way, or, java way. Rocky will be left behind if he cannot jump to java culture.


6/22/2007 11:04:00 PM  

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