Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time to use EntLib because of PIAB, but with Nunit

Time to use EntLib because of PIAB, but with Nunit

Just to balance to anti-M$ theme in my recent blogs (M$ exit strategy), I want to emphasize the point I have made: it is time to use EnLib because of PIAB.

However, let’s use it with Nunit, because VSTS sucks.

The key benefit of EntLib is that you can play “it is from M$” card, and shut down the whole architecture discussion. The good thing is that it is actually also an honest argument. EnLib is mature now -- we can aop façade pattern because of PIAB.

The whole stack of EnLib realize my “core 8 techniques” very nicely.

Of course, databinding, clickonce, ajax asp, web service-remoting: all those are also “it is from M$”, with all honesty.

This is my new “default architecture”, i.e., “architecture standard”. In addition to that, the entlib is the example of the coding guidelines.

The only addition to use entlib as an “architecture standard” is the following:

It is basically to call for the heavy use of PIAB and VAB: You must put all logic after the façades (PIAB) and within the entity classes (VAB), they should not be in UI.

(a) One derivative is: No dataset, absolute rule. Even this means for the time being you have to educate users to sacrifice some features, or, you have to put a lot of custom UI code, until you learn how to do databinding right, whatever, just do not use dataset!

----Derivative’s derivative: on Winform, use databinding.


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