Monday, August 27, 2007

My new "default architecture": Siebel and (and will lead to OR mapping and Ajax, via custom classes)

Finally, I find my new "default architecture": Siebel and (and will lead to lower layer -- OR mapping and higher layer -- Ajax, via custom entity classes)

Siebel is already done, and it is beautifully done -- nobody can argue against that! has everything or at least can lead us to find everything that Siebel has.
-- itself is in the "middle"; however, it will lead to OR mapping (i.e. end of stored procedures) and pure ajax (i.e. end of server side ajax).


"Weak" but clear technical reasons (those reasons are implied in Java culture) that leads to OR mapping and Ajax.

(a) AOP leads to fine-tuned validation logic that needs custom classes; AOP also leads to non-code generation approach. Both lead to OR mapping. Note that if there are too much resistance on OR mapping, then, we can use code generation as an intermediate step. The key down side of OR mapping is that OR mapping software is too big to be maintainable, even you have all its source code.

(b) Fine-tuned validation logic also encourages high-interactive client. Windows is not an option. Silverlight is still one or two years away; so, pure ajax is the way to go. Note that the argument is that ajax not just makes user happy; pure ajax also makes development cleaner.

A recent note/modification: siverlight is the key here -- on the one hand, it will set the new standard here and therefore push ajax forward; on the other hand, it will compete with ajax, and win. So, it is possible that we will never use heavy javascript -- we use a dozen of new ajax third party controls, then, we switch to silverlight. So, the key of ajax is "new third party controls" (because we cannot wait for M$ for this!) -- client side or server side does not really matter; as long as it is "new", because new server side controls will always have client side API anyway (but we must discipline ourselves to use javascript minimum, because silverlight is already on the horizon, no need to use heavy javascript).

In short, strong "custom class" approach needs AOP; strong "custom class" approach will lead both OR mapping and ajax (or/and silverlight). As a result, AOP will lead OR mapping and pure ajax. is AOP, so, will lead to OR mapping and pure ajax.

---------------new insights on CSLA and Castle:
You talk about "custom class", then, you need to talk about CSLA. It is really necessary to re-realize all CSLA via AOP.

pure ajax and Castle: Castle is right, if you use pure ajax, why bother asp?!


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