Thursday, November 22, 2007

new 8 core concepts, with or without Siebel

This is a major update! I changed the order a little, to reflect Siebel thinking, and OR/OU mapping/binding thinking.

(Note: I merged "logging" together with aop logging, and moved it to aop logging)
1. "OR mapping" (including "UOW", Unit of Work, equiv. to Siebel's BO)

(Note: I moved UI here; I added two new items to it, to expand the concept of OU mapping: "O", "OUmapping")
2. ("O") "entity": rules in entities, rules engine, scripting in entities
3. ("U") "Web2 UI": ("ActiveX" and "Ajax")
4. "Data Binding" ("OU mapping")

5. "transaction" (and non-transaction, with "facsades" and "workflows") (business service and workflows, tasks)
----------(I merged "unit testing" together with "transaction")

6. "networking (at application level, as "connected applications")"

--i. async (it uses direct also) EAI (background) "messaging" for integration and need "user push notification" (activities? or an area on every screen???)

--ii. batch EIM

--iii. offline web client

--iv. reporting server

7. "logging (that is runtime-configurable)"

8. "security"("authorization" and "authentication")


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