Thursday, October 18, 2007

A pragmatic piecemeal route towards Ajax and silverlight

A pragmatic piecemeal route towards Ajax and silverlight

1. No third-party controls, e.g. no ComponentOne
--If really need it, just use the a few controls in a limited places that you really need them (e.g. calendar).

Why? because they simply trouble. Up-front trouble, in development trouble, support trouble, and upgrade trouble. Trouble.

2. Instead, continue to use M$ "build-in" controls.
(a) However, use more "check boxes" to increase user interactivity features (so that it is obvious that we need ajax!
(b) Also, begin to use javascripts: do not use them all at once; however, use them seriously. Do not just hack them. Before you know it, you will have a lot of javascripts, and people get used to it.

3. Introduce M$ Ajax server controls; however, use them judiciously, not large scale and systematically. Use them only to make people used to ajax.

4. Use client side library (the best, ext and yahoo), but wrap them using server controls yourself.

5. If you can use alpha in some environments (i.e. not "mission critical"), use silverlight as the primary technology (hence, javascript is only the glue, not the primary language).


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