Thursday, May 01, 2008

MS and Morts: and

My friend Vikas has a good post about a also-very-good-post about an interesting post (click the links, you will know what I am talking about!):

My comments:

1. It is indeed a tipping point, historical moment for MS!
Even it is too little too late, especially too late, almost 10 years late, in Internet time.

I do love silverlight though; it is definitely next-gen-ajax.

Because we have ajax-and-next-gen-Ajax (silverlight), although you may say MS's ajax is part of asp, but that misses the point: ajax makes traditional asp irrelevant. As a result, asp's MVC is less relevant -- Ajax/silverlight makes the previously-official-asp irrelevant, it gives a huge opportunity.

2. MS is distancing from morts -- for that, I love MS -- it is innovating.

3. is basically following -- I certainly do not mean to insult people; they are doing creative work now, and will surpass java soon.

Note that I am using as a concept, not a community, as a result, and NHibernate are certainly part of -- conceptually speaking -- but I am not sure whether all people in and nhibernate are in the community of "".


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