Friday, August 01, 2008

testing, testable, Lean, science, and Occam's razor

The effort to apply Lean to software makes me think, very hard.

It is about the core waterfall, by that I mean: analysis, design, implementation, teat, and deployment.

I want to eradicate them. To me, those concepts are simply a pretentious way to say that we are working toward a new system.

TDD is good in the sense that it has already started to break this core waterfall: it says that let’s put aside “analysis, design, coding, and testing”, let’s treat everything as testing – that certainly is disruptive and revolutionary!

Of course, the problem is that, this revolution concept is mixed and therefore buried or at least eclipsed by other concepts like “stories” -- but that is another story, of course.

Then, the concept in philosophy of science hits me: “testable".

Usually we believe software engineering is engineering, and therefore we use metaphors from other engineering. However, perhaps we should think about software more in the terms of science – philosophy of science, logic of science, and logic-psychology of problem solving?

After all, modern engineering is based on science; and recent science is more and more “big science”, i.e., engineering based science – science of man-made.

After you cut the fat of the waterfall, we can see some many new things, or, new old things!

More about why Lean and science: heard about Occam's razor ( ). Science is the leanest enterprise by human being!

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