Sunday, August 06, 2006

Beyond java and Ruby-envy

I went to a bookstore. I browsed some books. Accidentally, I picked “Beyond Java”, and I was surprised, and I read almost the whole book, in the store (OK, I will make up the bookstore later).

It was a very short book; and it was an “opinionated” book; and it changed my perspective.

By the way, there is no code, so, you can read it as Beyond C# also.

I thought C# is the natural place that we can combine the positive things from java and classic VB. However, I guess I was wrong.

I forgot classic VB is not the only RAD platform. Perl is also a RAD (not visual RAD though). Note that perl inspired many other languages/platforms (PHP, python, etc.). Those languages/platforms are RAD environments also. Now, “logically” speaking, combining perl and java (and also lisp), we have Ruby.

When I read Beyond Java, I was impressed that a Java web team can switch to Ruby overnight. I guess it can happen to a C# development team also; or, we can use the Castle framework -- I guess it is the power of web: I know M$ does not like this; but if you are doing web development, then, you have the freedom to leave M$, and to be productive and know what you are doing, simultaneously.

Ruby on Rails is “data driven“, while using objects. Because it is dynamic and makes AOP-like things very easy (will be easier soon), you can do more complicated things at the necessary spots when they are really necessary.

A healthy dose of Ruby envy is good; it sets a new goal/threshold. Again, we should look more into Castle framework (note: I have no direct connection with Castle developers).


Blogger Vikas said...

I also own this book. One gets impressed by Ruby after reading it but I am still surprised by buzz around it. May be I should read a book on Ruby on Rails and then I will appreciate it more.

8/07/2006 04:54:00 PM  
Blogger survic said...

I am hoping ruby can consolidate communiteis of perl-php-python, java, smalltalk, and lisp, just as java assimilated c++ and perl people. If it can do that, then, M$ will have some real competition. I guess that is the buzz.

Then, those of us who are on the dark side can have a free ride -- if we do not eventually switch to the light.

8/07/2006 08:26:00 PM  

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