Sunday, June 10, 2007

AIR, Google Gear, SilverLight, and Javascript/actionscript/Flash, ruby, and JavaFX

AIR, Google Gear, SilverLight, and Javascript/actionscript/Flash, ruby, and JavaFX

I hope new flash runtime or AIR will add ruby support (I believe ADOBE or Mozilla will have to do that, because of the healthy competition!). Further, I hope IE and firefox will support Ruby as DHTML language and w3c will standardize it.

JavaFX will revive java applet. It is only fair! Java applet is the source of all those after all. However, I would not touch it for a while ;0(

Adobe’s AIR (Apollo) is even more aggressive. It is basically a “smart client” (click once), but with the same lightweight runtime (only 6 M).

SilverLight will be less “platform-like” (webtop, RIA – rich internet application). However, you can always use it in a style that M$ does not want to see.

------------------For .net programmers:

Keeping doing ajax, user a little bit flash to beat winform/WPF for now (this is pretty safe politically, because flash is just UI, it is not another language/platform), learn more “low level” javascript.

Also, learn a little AIR, a little Google Gear, a little ruby (by yourself, or as a utility tool), learn SilverLight, use ruby with SilverLight (it is safe politically, because it is just a scripting tool) and with Google Gear. When it comes, you will be ready.

Also, always keep an eye on AIR – it is the new model that M$ will have to fight and follow, just like netscape/IE competition.

Another thing to think about is that in order to be prepared for SilverLight, google-gear, or AIR design, smart clients must also be thin. This should be the case anyway.



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Great work.

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