Friday, June 22, 2007

Why springframework is better than castle

Why springframework is better than castle

OK, after some thinking (yes, recently I did a lot of thinking on architecture -- we have so many new technologies and new changes, it is time to revisit architectures), I changed my mind. I prefer springframework now.

Why? In short, because springframework is more mature -- I know its aop is not as mature is castle’s; however, as a whole, springframework has higher quality and better documentation, better community.

My guess it is the result of a big-brother java community – when you are young, it is for your own good that you have a big brother.

Castle is more dynamic, for example, it introduced things from Ruby, etc.

I will switch between them back and forth. However, for now, I would recommend springframework to my boss – he/she will feel safer when he/she see springframework, and increase the chance of success for adoption.

Also, you may say it is not important, technically. However, it can be the most important factor in general: that fact that springframework is directly from java can make the point more obvious: we must do it the java way. As a matter of fact, to me, this is the determining factor for me to choose it as the first choice. We need to make everybody know, java way is the way.

Important note: I still like Castle. We need more than one!


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