Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A minor but crucial correction about BO in Siebel

A minor but crucial correction about BO in Siebel

A BO by itself is still an entity, just a composite entity.
I mis-identified it with a facade, because it is almost the return value of a facade.

Another reason is that in "configuration", Siebel does not expose "facades"; yet, we still need a concept for facade, and BO is the closest thing we can get.

However, in workflow, scripting (eScript, i.e., javascript), and integration, the real 'facades" are exposed, they are, well, "business services", or "service mode workflows" -- all those are so "obvious", of course.

Again, my new "default architecture" is Siebel plus (i.e. in the "integration") Spring.net (or Spring itself, we do not care whether it is C# or java -- esp. when you use spring) that leads to OR mapping and Ajax that "mimic" Siebel.

Note that Siebel is not just a CRM software. It is a platform -- a small one, but nevertheless a general-purpose one -- it can be everything and anything. To me, it is a system for centralized security and logging, and it is an OR mapping system, validation system, and UI framework with excellent databinding and Ajax-like feature (mostly via ActiveX -- hey, nobody is perfect). The only downside is that it is expensive, and proprietary; to "correct" the problem, we have spring (+ OR + pure Ajax).


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