Sunday, January 11, 2009

Personal Paperless Evolution: Use more laptop, printing pdf on paper, and thumb typing notes

As a new year resolution, starting now, I will always use electronic notes, instead of marking the notes on the margin of paper materials -- this means paper material will officially disposable at any time.

Today, I cleaned up my paper materials, there are only a few of them, I will gradually move the notes to electronic notes. They are not critical, I have already been doing this, it is just a "clearing house" activity, I guess.

More explanations:

1. The key of doing this is to use my labtop more often (the battery is OK, I just need to stop my bad habit of prefer reading paper materials and making notes on them). When I travel or at home, I will use my blackberry and my kindle more often -- even when I have to use paper material (OK, I still prefer reading on paper than on computer. Kindle is fine, but Kindle cannot handle pdf), at least I must use thumb typing on blackberry or kindle to take notes.

2. As mentioned above, Kindle is a big disappointment to me, I was hoping it can help me to realize the "paperless revolution" in my "home-office" and my personal life. It did not. Now, I have to re-do it by an evolutionary approach.

Now I know, a "reader" should be have larger screen (perhaps by folding it or better bending it without the middle dividing line) so that it can handle pdf without any reformatting. It must be touch screen with stylus support to avoid thumb typing. Also, it should have a fold keyboard for typing. In short, it is a tablet computer with an electronic paper screen.

I almost regret of buying Kindle, I should have gone to iLiad 1000, which has a price tag close to $900. However, the screen of iLiad is still small and not convenient for typing (does it support external key board? not sure); futher, it does not have color, which is important for some business documents. Also, it does not support video.

This leads to a question, why epaper screen? Because it is easy to eyes, and it saves battery -- both are not that important for business documents.

So, after all, I guess for pdf documents, let's keep it in labtop (or tablet - if you have it); for "ordinary" books, use kindle. So, I guess my decision on Kindle is an OK one, although Kindle is indeed disappointing -- the technology is slower than I expected. As a result, we need to adapt to the current status of the technology. Printing pdf on paper (sorry, trees, we still need to cut you!), and thumb typing.


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