Thursday, January 15, 2009

thumb typing all the time -- on blackberry for to-do-item notes

Thumb typing, or, thumb-and-index typing, is not that difficult. You can do that pretty fast after a few hours. The problem is the software – there is no auto-spell checking, and no auto-correction in blackberry (perhaps I missed something).

Thumb typing is faster than writing pad and real time recognition, but I guess we need both, because we still need drawing. Mouse drawing is not good. Touch screen is useful here.

Anyway, thumb typing is worth it. I know, I am slow to pick it up, but I will begin to really do thumb typing on my blackberry to make notes, instead of using pen and paper.

This means I will use thumb typing all the time. Note that I have electronic notes that I take in VIM (not MS Word, since VIM also have spell checking – it does not have auto-correction – or I should say I am not using that, I am not user whether VIM has auto-correction or not). Those notes are detailed, and have a lot of content – that is why I use electronic notes for them long time ago. I always laugh at my college who are still using papers to do those kind of notes. It is amazing, a lot of them still doing that, make notes on paper!

However, I have been using paper doing the to-do-item notes all the time. This kind of notes, they are short, just a reminder. Also, they must be extremely portable, not limited on computers.

Now, I am going to move this to blackberry. I cannot draw anymore, but for those to-do-item notes, I do not do drawing anyway.

Note that I blog this, because I believe this kind of thing is important for computer professionals. Too many computer professionals are too behind on using computers!


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