Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the wording I am using: "use cases" and "data points"

I know I change a lot, and I play with words a lot.

Now, again, I am changing the wording of the top level thinking “formula”. They are "use cases" and "data points".

Yes, I am putting “rules” and “implementation strategy” back to where they belong – low level.

I changed “common data” to “data points”, because “common data” is too abstract to users. I want the wording easy to understand, intuitively.

Also, “points” kind of intuitively leads people into details, closer to implementation. This is especially true when you use "screens" for "use cases".

I guess I will keep using them for a while.

Now, you may say, why, why are you paying attention to the wording so much? It is important. Without a good wording, you will not say them that often, then, you will be misled, or, worse, you will mislead. Saying something, saying something aloud, saying something aloud in front of a team, are a very powerful action, and that action definitely affect your other actions and behaviors.


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