Sunday, July 15, 2007

the real business: prototype+rico and

dojo, prototype, Mochikit, Yahoo UI (YUI), or, my own 2K library (from my old O'reilly's javascript cookbook!) and plus web service.

Everything else, e.g., controls, server or client, are just so-called "convenience tools" -- actually, inconvenient tools – I am now even against

I know, in the past weeks, I stepped through many things, silverlight,, etc. Now, I am only for javascript + webservice + activeX for client-side-printing-serial-port-comm. I am against everything else, including per se -- who need anymore!

It does not make sense to use small ad hoc javascripts anymore. It is time to use javascript frameworks/libraries.

After reading
and some research, prototype is the one, because I want some powerful yet simple (once I know the framework) grids!

Another reason: funny thing -- prototype is the ajax choice for Ruby on Rails -- we cannot avoid RR, it is everywhere!

so,, of course, we need to know how to make it work with the web service support from " ajax". ----- ---------------- -----------------------

------------------------prototype+rico is large. However, javascript can be cached and compressed. So, I do not believe it is a problem. If you are really concerned, use YUI (there is a new kid, JQuery, however, it does not have grid, you have to use ext; but ext has intentionally ambiguous license for commercial use for in-house development -- for web, in-house-intranet and internet is a thin line anyway).

-----------------------so, YUI is also a choice, worth to explore.


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