Sunday, July 15, 2007

I wasted $40+ -- more about ajax books

I wasted $40+

I am pragmatic, and I get into action immediately. However, deep in my brain, I am an holistic thinker/learner. As a result, I need books, I am a book worm.

I am a member of Safari. However, they do not have “professional 2.0 Ajax”. So, I went to Border, and bought one.

It is a waste – I guess, I can count that as a donation to Border – I go there a lot, but not buying enough.

The best: the online doc (and videos, from the official site and the “interface training”, and also, the ScottGu’s blog – he is the man!!, and the forum – however, I am talking about things close to a book, so, let’s be back to the books) – you definitely should not need other books.

However, if you like me, a book worm who cannot have a peace of mind without reading “real books”, then, get O’Reilly’s Programming ASP.NET AJAX.

I learn my lesson, again: you can use M$ technologies, but at least, get books from O’Reilly -- at least some of your book must be from O’Reilly: you need some fresh air!

The book is very good, very hand-on, and it has references of other O’Reilly books – only for this purpose, it is not waste – the online doc does not have that.

The only downside is, it is still a “rough cut”; so, if you are not a member of Safari, perhaps it is not for you yet; or, perhaps there is another way to get it.

I am not a sales person from O’Reilly! To prove it, I will make a complaint: for “rough cut”, you have to pay case by case, book by book (i.e., “rough cut” is not included in the monthly pay), which is fine and fair. As a result, you can get pdf file, instead of being forced to read it online.

Now, I just do not understand what hack it takes so long for them to generate a pdf file – even we assume that I am the first one to order it after it is updated and they do not have a cache. It has been a week now! Then, I tried to find an email address to complain, I cannot find one. I do not like it a single bit! Imperfect world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you.
How is resharper working for you?

7/16/2007 06:51:00 PM  
Blogger survic said...

great; but it does not help javascript, which is my thing recently. I want to get the bottom of it.

7/17/2007 07:22:00 AM  

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