Saturday, July 14, 2007

silverlight or ScriptSharp, or both, or, just javascript

The reason I like silverlight is to avoid entity logic (e.g. entity validation). However, it seems scriptsharp can do that also -- it is exactly what I wished about a year ago! Of course, I cannot take the credit at all; it is just very encouraging that you can wish, somebody will realize that for you ;-)

of course, it is even before silverlight, so, I guess we do not have too much hope for that.

The pragmatic approach for me is: (a) No client side logic! Educate users, "deal with it!" (b) if users push back, for those minimum cases, translate C# into validator or directly javascripts.

Rick client? Ya, potentially, and case by case!

---- By the way, I recently found Google Web Toolkit (GWT) uses the same technique, but it is java, of course. However, there is no mentioning of GWT in ScriptSharp, as usual. It is a shame -- nothing new from M$ -- I thought it is too good to be true, some creative ideas from M$, ha!


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