Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another way to start silverlight now

Anotehr way to start silverlight now:

Port Silverlight to plain WPF when porting to ajax takes too long!
(see my previous blog)

Because it easier to develop WPF in VS 2005, so, in practice, it is more likely the following:
(a) Develop WPF with silverlight in mind (it is a learning curve, the first step is to avoid using build-in databinding and grid – I know, it is pain, but it is worth it!),
(b) Then, port the WPF to silverlight (takes some time),
(c) Then, port it back to WPF (a few minutes).


Why silverlight now? Now download of the runtime! So, first demo the silverelight, users will want it, and then, say, OK, either we use alpha version, or, we need to download the runtime.

Finally we can do web with similar productivity and features as winform. Also, finally, we .Net developer can do Linux programming now … As a matter of fact, it is very likely that silverlight can be outside the browser, and it will take over Linux desktop very quickly – .Net will beat Java on Linux just like that!


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