Sunday, July 01, 2007

XML parsing code runtime step through

We need to be serious about XML. It is part of the sql-code-xml triad.

To deal with XML, “compile time” validation is not enough. You need runtime step through: you need locate the XML parsing code, and when necessary, step through it.

For streaming style, search for XmlReader, reader.Read(),ReadStartElement, reader.NodeType, ReadInt16, ReadInt32, ReadDouble, ReadString, reader.AttributeCount, reader.GetAttribute, XmlNodeType.EntityReference, reader.ResolveEntity();,XmlNodeType.EndEntity, MoveToAttribute, MoveToFirstAttribute, and MoveToNextAttribute, MoveToElement MoveToContent, XmlTextReader, tr.Validation, ValidationEventHandler(ValidationCallback). Note that streaming is not SAX’s push, it is ADO-reader-like pull. The order of the pulling is depth-first (it makes sense; if it were width first, then it is more like XPath/DOM).

For XPath/DOM level, XmlDocument, .Load(, .Compile(, Select(, MoveToNextSelected, .CopySelected(,.Evaluate("sum(

Needless to say, it is important that you need to understand the mapping of the XML and C# code objects; the key is the naming convention.


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