Wednesday, August 01, 2007

aptana is crap. Use vim or notepad2, before orcas

Just to be fair, I have to tell the truth: aptana is crap, at least for now.

For now, use Vim (my choice), or, if you are not capable of using vim ;-), use notepad2.
When Orcas comes out, use it.

My guess aptana is targeting poor java programmers, or flash/air programmers: they do not have Oracas ;-)

a. Aptana cannot handle debugging -- you need firebug (or, script debugger if you really hate firefox AND yourself! -- but script debugger does work though, after you configure it right -- just weaker than firebug!).

b. Aptana cannot handle intellisense -- your need your brain for that.

c. Aptana cannot even handle block comment -- you need VS2005.

d. Aptaqn cannot even handle paring braces, brackets, parenthesis (very important for javascript), VS2005 cannot handle them either; but both vim and notepad2 can!

Note: when you do web or other server intensive development, it is very important that you MUST be able to use notepad(2) or vim to do development, at least once for a while (i.e., every time you need to introduce a new thing, set up new stuff, you MUST start from notepad, if you do not, it means you are just a VB6-like clicker, not a programmer), otherwise, you have no way to really understand things -- this is a good interview question for web developer: Do you use a notepad or notepad-like editor other than visual studio, how often? -- of course, most VB6-turned developers fail this question -- believe it or not, they are incapable of using notepad!


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