Tuesday, July 24, 2007

thought leader: the reason why YUI is the best architected javascript

It is because of this great man: http://www.crockford.com/


If you do not read and watch those, you are not doing any serious javascript programming.

I obviously underestimated YUI -- its good design is not from Java, but directly from Java's parents -- lisp and C++ communities.

He is obviously a thought leader!

I feel very good about the site, because it says there is only one javascript book, and that is the O'reilly definitive book -- and I read it many years ago, and I believed that that is the only good book for javascript!

Also, now I know, I can follow YUI, because the Java style is just a disguise, I trust YUI will use Ruby style, because crockford definitly knows the essence of Ruby.

http://javascript.crockford.com/tdop/tdop.html -- I do not believe Ruby has this! I would say, who needs Ruby, javascript is the coolest thing! -- at least its JSLINT part of it.

BTW, I am now using firefox as my everyday browser. When I do blog, it gives me spell checking. Very nice. Who needs M$! -- now, I understand the statement, M$ as we know it is already dead! its FUD has no use now. No real adventure investor needs to pay attention to M$ anymore. Ya, it still alive, just like IBM, who cares. M$ is quickly a IBM-2nd.

-------------he pays attention to details also:

All variables should be declared before used. JavaScript does not require this, but doing so makes the program easier to read and makes it easier to detect undeclared variables that may become implied globals.

The var statements should be the first statements in the function body.

It is preferred that each variable be given its own line and comment. They should be listed in alphabetical order.

    var currentEntry; // currently selected table entry
var level; // indentation level
var size; // size of table

JavaScript does not have block scope, so defining variables in blocks can confuse programmers who are experienced with other C family languages. Define all variables at the top of the function.

Use of global variables should be minimized. Implied global variables should never be used.


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