Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stop investing the so-called server side model of Ajax -- when Orcas comes out, even dummies in world will use javascripts directly

The title explains itself. We all believe that .net stretched VB6-ers. However, nobody notices that actually created a new low of M$ -- yes, it is even lower than VB6. Think about it, javascript is a designer’s language, now, it is treated as an assembly language.

You may say, GWT is the same thing. Yes, but that is different – it is direct, head on. The “server side ajax” model is not that – it is simply an even-lower-than-VB6 approach.

Again, you may say this is a FUD, or, reversed FUD (since it is used against M$!): do not invest in the server side model of Ajax, when Orcas comes out, you will be nobody other than a dummy-worse-than-vb6er.


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