Monday, February 16, 2009

documents and paper computer

documents and paper computer

In addition to "use cases" and "data fields (data points)", another key word is "documentation". I treat "documentation" as if it were source code, and as a result, it corresponds to the real system directly -- I treat it as a "paper computer".

By doing this, there is no "process". Note that "use cases/business rules" and "data fields (data points)/technical approaches" (I believe "implementation strategies" is too difficult to say quickly in meetings, so, I traded the phrase with "technical approaches") are the top-most level of the structure ("architecture") of a system.

Note that we can talk some "technical approaches" to users. All those are key words in software support/development.

Also note that "technical approaches" includes technical items in "use cases/business rules", for example, "transactions", "newwork (web services, report server, eim, remote)", "security", and "audit" are "use cases/business rules".


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