Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WPF, WCF, WF, LINQ and entity framework

High level insights – useful when you talk to your CTO/CIO etc)

To use WPF (including WPF/E or, silverlight), use MVP; turn it around, WPF is the time to use MVP
To use WCF, use Façade; turn it around, WCF is the time to use façade
----Also, WCF is the time to centralize cross-cut concerns (from “requirement” point of view – although we are talking mostly about technologies
To use WF, use command; turn it around, WF is the time to use command

The key: The three major technologies in .net 3.0 are the two layers. For the third layer, we need to wait 3.5 or later – the entity framework will be later than 3.5 etc. Its corresponding pattern? -- OR mapping, of course. OR mapping is a pattern that is not emphasized enough in the past, now, it it time to change it, at least it is as important as MVP.


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