Sunday, June 24, 2007

AOP is in; but we need a structure, and simple-UP and springframework are the structure

This is a summary of all my recent blogs:

1. TDD is AOP (“separation of concerns”, “do not repeat”), they are the same thing in different languages, process language and technical language. AOP is the way to go.

2. In .Net world, most programmers need a new solid and firm structure (process and technical) in order to function, otherwise, they will use old VB6 structure, which is a very bad structure. There are two causes of this phenomenon: (a) M$ keeps providing tempting bad technologies, e.g., dataset etc; (b) most programmers are from VB6).

TDD and pure AOP inherently has a very good structure, however, the structure is dynamic. As a result, the structure is inevitably perceived not solid and firm. Further, software is soft, reality in software development is mostly determined by “perception”.

3. Hence the dilemma.

4. Solution: use simple UP which will lead to TDD; Use springframework (with the help of mentioning EntLib 3.0), which is AOP, and will lead to more AOP.

5. In short, we need a structure, and simple-UP and springframework are the structure.

6. The above are the high-level reason; however, sometimes, you need the "technical requirements". Here are those “requirements”: we need AOP, because we need centralized security, centralized web services, centralized transactions, centralized operation support logging, and automated unit testing to ensure quality.


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