Thursday, August 02, 2007

the open source way: there are many ways -- at least three -- to do it; be aware

There is a minor issue with ext -- when turning the autosize on, it is slow when there are many -- e.g. > 10 -- columns. So, I will not turn it on. Not a big deal.

However, this reminded me a thing: even it is the best, ext is NOT the only one. Rico is good to get ideas, and YUI is good to get javascript engineering ideas and good documentation about it -- this is because YUI is from Yahoo, and only Yahoo knows how to do javascript engineering; this is especially true for ext, because ext grew out of YUI, so, all Yahoo doc applies to ext almost directly.

So, the following should always be there:

download it, on the example index.html,
and click the online

YUI and jackslocum's old posting when it is YUI-ext and other's posts, e.g.


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